It’s not often you see a sophomore in high school with a physique you’d expect to see from an NFL defensive tackle, but that’s exactly what you get from 14-year-old Tyler Parker.

The rising sophomore out of Santa Margarita High School in California, who isn’t even old enough to have his learner’s permit yet, already boasts a 300-pound frame that appears to be mostly muscle.

According to his Hudl page, Parker can bench press 185 pounds 25 times, can deadlift 415 pounds, and runs a 4.9 40-yard dash, which is extraordinarily fast for a player of his size.

As a result, Parker has already earned a scholarship offer from the Arizona Wildcats, and that surely will not be the only Division I team that comes calling before it comes time for him to send in his letter of intent.

Naturally, when the college football world saw photos of Parker’s Hulk-like frame at only 14 years old, they took to Twitter to express their amazement and disbelief.

As a rising sophomore in high school, Parker still has to still wait over four years until he’ll have a chance to make an impact on a college football roster. That sounds like bad news for the poor high school players he’ll be lining up against for the next three seasons.

[Tyler Parker]

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